DIY: Packaging Your Own Tea Blends for Valentine’s Day

3 Jan

ImageMake these custom blended, pretty packages of tea for your Valentine, or mom, or sister, or friend, or yourself! You can make these from pre-existing tea you have in your house, or take a visit to the San Francisco Herb Co. ( and buy some tea blends in bulk. The SF Herb Co. also carries the muslin bags and sealable tea bags needed for this DIY. To make this a complete gift, find a special mug for your recipient.

• Assortment of loose tea flavors            • Ink pads
• Sealable tea bags                                 • Rubber stamps
• Muslin bags                                          • Scrapbooking/Colored paper
• Twine or string                                      • Stickers, embellishments
• Iron                                                       • Scissors


Step 1:
Use the rubber stamps, stickers and embellishments to make the tea bag tags.  Decorate the muslin bags with the rubber stamps – make sure to put a piece of paper or cardboard inside the bag so the ink doesn’t seep through.


Step 2:
Once your ink has dried, cut out the tags and attach to twine or string. Make sure to leave enough length to tuck about a 1/4” into the tea bag.


Step 3:
Next, fill your sealable tea bags with the tea blends. Do not fill the tea bag to the top, but just enough so you can run the iron over the top to seal the bag. Fill all of your bags first and get your tags. Place the string from your tags into the bag about a 1/4” – enough so that it sits in the bag seam, but not in the bag touching the tea. Then run a medium to hot iron (no steam) over the top of the bag to seal it, about 15 seconds or so.

Imageand voila! the final product


created by Samantha of note•ify

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Holiday 2012 Craft Shows

6 Oct

Farmer’s Wife Barntique
Friday, Saturday and Sundays until Halloween 10/5-10/28 Adobe Pumpkin Farm 2478 E. Washington St. Petaluma

Patchwork Oakland

Sunday, November 18th Jack London Square Pavillion 98 Broadway Oakland, CA 94607

Holiday Crafterino

Saturday, November 24th from 11am-4pm Petaluma Veterans Memorial Building, 1094 Petaluma Blvd South, Petaluma, CA

SFMade Holiday Fair

Sunday, December 9th Fort Mason San Francisco

4th Annual Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco Holiday Market

Saturday and Sunday December 15 & 16, 11am-6pm

635 8th Street, San Francisco

’60s Wedding DIY at Cornerstone Sonoma

17 Sep

As part of a styled wedding shoot I did with Lilia Photography and Savage Rose, I got the idea to embellish these fun envelopes from Paper Source with some gold metallic ink.  Since custom metallic ink printing is super expensive, especially for short-run print jobs like wedding invitations, we wanted to show an easy and affordable way to add some sparkle yourself.  This is a great way to be creative without getting too messy, and it is really hard to mess up.  In other words, for those of you out there who claim to not be creative, this one is for you.

• Metallic gold ink pad (or silver if it matches your color palette)
• Small, round sponge brush, sometimes called a Spouncer
• Scrap paper or used magazines or newspapers

Steps 1 and 2:
Ink up the sponge brush by pressing in into the ink pad and rotating it make sure the ink is applied all around.  Use the same pressure and motion to then ink the envelope/paper.  Continue all over the envelope to create the desired pattern.

Step 3:
Leave to dry overnight, or longer depending on the saturation of the ink.  I recommend setting up a make-shift laundry line or drying rack and clothes pinning them up to dry.

Created by Samantha of note•ify

To see all of the photos from the wedding shoot, click here

New prints and an art show

19 Jun

I have new prints of all of my SF themed images, they are on display at Serendipity in the Mission.

The party is on Saturday, June 25th at Serendipity.


803 Valencia St. at 19th St.

San Francisco, California

Heading to Austin, TX for the Renegade Craft Fair

17 May

Come see me in the note•ify booth #123 May 21 + 22  11am-7pm

For more info, click here.

Antiques by the Bay

8 Feb

And what a great day it was in Alameda, CA.  Temps were in the 70s, the sky was blue, the crowds were out, and the kettle corn smell was in full force.  I was on the hunt for some ceramics that I can upcycle with some farm motifs.  I found these:

I bargained for this one and got it for $3.00


$7.00 for this one


and $15.00 for this colorful one!

I also found a fantastic scale (this one has been elusive to me for a while, so I was excited when I found out it was only $10)!!!  Let’s not forget the buttons, gotta love the buttons.  I turn these in fabulous earrings and rings that I sell at my craft shows.


It was a fantastic day filled with great finds, not to mention yummy tacos!

Handmade Vendors Unite!

17 Jan

I wanted to share a story about my recent consignment gone wrong, but I want to focus on the positives of the story. I began consigning my note•ify stationery line with Queen City Emporium (QCE), a store in Springfield, MO in August 2010. I sent them over $500 worth (retail value) of my handmade note cards and notebooks. They were a new-ish store carrying handmade items from all over the country. They contacted me through Etsy. They seemed like 2 nice women with crafting backgrounds who wanted to have a brick and mortar shop. I asked all the right questions, they had all the right answers – photos too! It seemed legit, so I signed a contract and mailed them a box, filled to the brim, through the USPS. They sent me an email confirming receipt of my items, and they even sent me a report the next month. Of course that report said I hadn’t sold anything, but I let it slide, it had only been a couple of weeks.

In the next few things, things took a turn, I stopped receiving ‘reports’, and I definitely wasn’t seeing any money. As part of my contract, I was required to keep things there through January 2011, so on January 7th, I asked for money owed and all of my unsold products to be mailed back. Nothing. I knew of one of person who was a vendor with them, so we were emailing back and forth. Then, things REALLY took a turn.

In the past week, at least 51 vendors with QCE have come forth and formed a group, Stop Queen City Emporium on Facebook. We have filed at least 32 reports with the Missouri Attorney General, numerous reports with the USPS for mail fraud, complaints with the Better Business Bureau of Missouri, and tonight, we were featured on the nightly news in Missouri. (See video here, it’s very nicely done.)

*Update:  Another news story aired on 1/18/11, see it here

A lot of the vendors were feeling very alone, but by coming together and finding each other on Facebook, in the Etsy forums, and now in a private Goggle group, we feel empowered. I know we aren’t taking down a multi-million dollar corporation, but we are speaking up and making ourselves heard as real, legitimate business owners who work hard. So, with the power of the internet, and the will of a ton of small business owners, I am confident we will put a stop to this store and close them down.

The moral of the story – never underestimate the little guy, or girl.

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